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Cape Cod and the Islands, Where Beauty and History Meet, by Kathryn Kleeklamp

cape cod and the islands where beauty and history meet

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Ordering Information

There are four ways you can purchase a print of one of my paintings:

1. Print out an order form and mail it to:

Kathryn Kleekamp,
PO Box 1300,
Sandwich MA 02563

2. Email me at
I will give you information for direct payment by electronic wiring.

3. Call me at (508) 833-1271. I'll be glad to answer any of your questions and help you place an order.

4. Visit me at one of my upcoming events.

All orders come mounted (ready for framing) on an acid free double mat.

Why use acid free mounting materials?

It is very important that you choose a display method which minimizes the damaging effects that acid has on artwork - and that is why I only use acid free mats.

Acid that is in cardboard and paper and is in contact with the paintings can discolour and eventually destroy them.

Acid is used during the manufacture of paper and cardboard and also occurs naturally in wood fibre. This acid causes the paper to discolour, that is go yellow with orange to brown discoloured areas and is worsened by high humidity.

This discolouration is known as "foxing" and is commonly seen in old cheap paperbacks and newspapers.

The solution is to make sure your artwork is only in contact with "acid free" paper and cardboard. This is especially important when framing. Both the mats surrounding the artwork and the backing board should be acid free.

Some mats of the cheaper type are not acid free, while some are low acid. The best (and most expensive) are "acid free" also called "archival quality". Also be sure to never back your artwork with cardboard and/or regular masking tape, as they both contain high amounts of acid.